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A Must-Have in Kitchen: Food Blender

The blender has been and is a popular and kitchen appliance. Foods and liquids placed in it are blended or chopped based on the speed set by the operator. Today’s food blender can chop...

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Design of the Commercial Space Station

This infographic provides information for the Commercial Space Station, the first space hotel that is being designed in Russia and will be ready to be in orbit as soon as 2016. The infographic provides...

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Samsung’s 3D Smart TV Is A Hit

The holidays are flying by this year, but don’t let the season’s hottest items pass you by! Samsung is taking a holistic approach to the electronics market by flaunting impressive gadgets in all of...

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Anatomy of a Smart City

Over half of the world’s population lives in cities already and this number is expected to grow to almost 70% by 2050. Here’s a glimpse at how ‘smarter’ cities can help us cope with...

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The Desktop Is Dead?

Is the desktop dead? With tablets selling by the millions, this could be the tolling bell for the classic PC. Or not…

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Modernizing Cocoa Farming

Cocoa Farming is a vital resource for farmers and the regional economy, so it is critical to make cocoa farming attractive to future generations. Infographic Source